"The Scottish Opera" review: "with 'Sensurround'-like intensity" by Luke L Leonard

Paul Selar, thank you so much for the kind words and for the genius idea of a double bill.

"For those who saw last year's eerily stylised The Difficulty of Crossing a Field by David Lang, you'll recognise Leonard's edgy choreographed directorial style, and it's easy to imagine these two works paired alongside each other in what would be a deeply rewarding double bill."


Up Next: "The Scottish Opera" by Luke L Leonard

Premieres September 4, 2016 at the Nagambie Lakes Opera Festival.  Verdi's "Macbeth" adapted and rearranged for six instruments by composer Peter Stopschinski.  Directed-designed by Luke Leonard.   Produced by Gertrude Opera (Australia).


Thank you Paul Selar! 2015 Best Director Award by Luke L Leonard

A special thanks to Paul Selar for honoring me with a 2015 OperaChaser Melbourne Award for Best Director of The Difficulty of Crossing a Field.


Farewell Ditty #SaudiPlay59 by Luke L Leonard

Yesterday, I was under pressure to complete a song for "Welcome to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia" and spit one out before rehearsal.  The following is a farewell ditty to be sung by a trio of camels. 

Oil wells drip

Her heart rips

You are cold and all alone

Here we stand

What went wrong? 

This will be

our last song  


Can't last forever


Lost in illusions


Selling not buying


You never loved first  

We know it hurts