Hannah Lash's "The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep"
 Michael Lewis (Macbeth), Elizabeth Chennell (Witch 1) Photo by Lyz Turner-Clark
  BUM PHILLIPS  Commissioned and produced by Monk Parrots (New York) Music by Peter Stopschinski  Libretto by Kirk Lynn Direction and Production Design by Luke Leonard Photos by Corey Torpie Photography All rights reserved, Copyright 2014  "a tour de force...undoubtedly - a fine evening's entertainment." - New York Times  "This is not your typical night at the opera...unique, audacious, quirky, a proud underdog striving to succeed on its own terms." - USA Today Sports  "The opera world would be wise to take notice of Bum Phillips. It's exactly that kind of opera that can build bridges to non-traditional audiences." - Maxamoo  "You're in for a treat 'cause there's a lot of talent on view in this production...The music by composer Peter Stopschinski is stunning...it's bound for even bigger venues and accolades." - The Artsy Voyager  This world premiere opera celebrates the improbable life of Bum Phillips, a National Football League legend and American icon. Inspired by Phillips' motivational skills and homespun principles, this epic portrait of Bum Phillips pushes the boundaries of where and for whom opera is staged. This new work from Monk Parrots features composition from Peter Stopschinski and a libretto by Kirk Lynn, both members of the award-winning theatre collective Rude Mechanicals.   Production History   Texas Premiere September 24, 2015 The Stafford Centre, Stafford, Texas  World Premiere March 12-30, 2014 La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, New York
  HERE I GO  Conceived, directed, and designed by Luke Leonard Words by David Todd Performance by Monk Parrots Photos by Corey Torpie Photography All rights reserved, Copyright 2012 Courtesy of Monk Parrots   Description   A sixty-something widow and Dolly Parton fan prepares banana pudding for her late husband while contemplating suicide. She is visited by her pet horse, memories of herself at various ages, and a shadow that tries to take her hand, but will she go?   Press   "Director/Designer Luke Leonard mines the associative imagery of the subconscious to surprising effect...a disorienting sense of the rush of conflicting thought and emotion."  –  Arterynyc   "...Lives up to the promise...A soundtrack for heartbreak...Very engaging..."  –   T&B On the Aisle   "Here I Go  is a brilliantly conceived and executed performance work...Go see this significant gem of a performance."  –   Theatre Reviews Limited   Production History    August 29-31, 2012   La MaMa Spoleto Open  A Special Event of Festival dei Due Mondi Cantiere Oberdan, Spoleto, Italy Supported by Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Offucina Eclectic Arts, La MaMa Umbria International, La MaMa ETC, A.R.T.-New York, MFTA, 59E59 Theaters, Monk Parrots patrons, and Brian and Karen Lowy   May 22-June 3, 2012   59E59 Theaters, Studio C  Supported by La MaMa E.T.C., Materials for the Arts, Mountain View Studios, 59E59 Theaters  With MICHAEL HOWELL, MARIAH ILARDI-LOWY, GATES LEONARD, NATALIE LEONARD, JULIE NELSON and JESSICA POHLMAN  Associate Director: Shaun Patrick Tubbs Lighting Designer: Eric Nightengale Costume Designer: Jennifer Skura Sound Designer: Michael Howell Props Designer: Allee Lowy
  GAY RODEO BY-LAWS (GRBL)  Performance by Monk Parrots Concept, Stage Direction, and Production Design by Luke Leonard Music by Samuel Andreyev Photos by Corey Torpie. Courtesy of Monk Parrots. All rights reserved. Copyright 2011.  Featuring: Nathan Baer, John Harmon, Eric Hunt, Mariah Ilardi-Lowy, Gates Leonard, Natalie Leonard, Joey Lepage, Clark Loeffler, Jessica Pohlman, Greg Skura, and Jennifer Skura.  "The Grand Entry" Choreography by Elise Knudson Video ("Morning Flexion" and "Shoebox Shuffle") by Dane Hurt Michael Jackson scenic drop by Jennifer Skura Costumes by Jennifer Skura, Luke Leonard, and Annalisa Loeffler Stage Manager and Follow Spot Operator Catherine Giametta Gala Coordinator Jessica Pohlman  GRBL Performance and Gala Supported by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Capstone Equities Materials for the Arts Adelman Katz & Mond LLP Throckmorton Fine Art Corey Torpie Photography Chorus Vineyards Rossetta Wines Prive Elie Tahari Nightmare Haunted House Moet Champagne