Michael Lewis (Macbeth), Elizabeth Chennell (Witch 1) Photo by Lyz Turner-Clark  ”No dream is too big. No challenge is too great. Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach” - Donald Trump  ​Mr Macbeth has a born-to-rule complex and delusions of grandeur. He lives with his foreign-born third wife in a McMansion, trading in wobbly millions and embroiled in dodgy deals, manipulating his minions as a hands-on property developer.  Life takes a turn for the bizarre, when he sees three witches in a forest acclaiming his future glory - a vision backed up by a loyal and trusty aide. Macbeth takes the supernatural prediction to heart. When fate hands them an opportunity, Mr Macbeth and his aspirational wife seize the day, with bloody resolve and dire consequences.  Gertrude Opera commissioned a reimagined Verdi score by US composer, Peter Stopschinski - orchestration for electric violin, electric guitar, trombone, double bass, keyboard and percussion - bringing a 21st century aural sensibility to Verdi's sublime melodies. In a production conceived by Linda Thompson, directed and designed by Luke Leonard with costumes by Alison Heryer, a cast of 12 present an 80-minute version, sung in English. Set in fantasy Scotland where modernity and heritage merge, the opera premiered in the Underground Cellar at Mitchelton winery, with Australia's most revered Verdi baritone, MICHAEL LEWIS OAM, in the title role.  Artistic Director: LINDA THOMPSON Stage Director/Production Designer: LUKE LEONARD Verdi 're-imagined' by Composer PETER STOPSCHINKSI Conductor: WARWICK STENGARDS Costume Designer: ALISON HERYER
  HERE I GO  Conceived, directed, and designed by Luke Leonard Words by David Todd Performance by Monk Parrots Photos by Corey Torpie Photography All rights reserved, Copyright 2012 Courtesy of Monk Parrots   Description   A sixty-something widow and Dolly Parton fan prepares banana pudding for her late husband while contemplating suicide. She is visited by her pet horse, memories of herself at various ages, and a shadow that tries to take her hand, but will she go?   Press   "Director/Designer Luke Leonard mines the associative imagery of the subconscious to surprising effect...a disorienting sense of the rush of conflicting thought and emotion."  –  Arterynyc   "...Lives up to the promise...A soundtrack for heartbreak...Very engaging..."  –   T&B On the Aisle   "Here I Go  is a brilliantly conceived and executed performance work...Go see this significant gem of a performance."  –   Theatre Reviews Limited   Production History    August 29-31, 2012   La MaMa Spoleto Open  A Special Event of Festival dei Due Mondi Cantiere Oberdan, Spoleto, Italy Supported by Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Offucina Eclectic Arts, La MaMa Umbria International, La MaMa ETC, A.R.T.-New York, MFTA, 59E59 Theaters, Monk Parrots patrons, and Brian and Karen Lowy   May 22-June 3, 2012   59E59 Theaters, Studio C  Supported by La MaMa E.T.C., Materials for the Arts, Mountain View Studios, 59E59 Theaters  With MICHAEL HOWELL, MARIAH ILARDI-LOWY, GATES LEONARD, NATALIE LEONARD, JULIE NELSON and JESSICA POHLMAN  Associate Director: Shaun Patrick Tubbs Lighting Designer: Eric Nightengale Costume Designer: Jennifer Skura Sound Designer: Michael Howell Props Designer: Allee Lowy
Hannah Lash's "The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep"